The first segment of this trip will be spent at the University of Aberdeen. A workshop has been developed to discuss Alternative Dispute Resolution and policies and procedures in the UK for repatriation. The general focus of this workshop will be on sacred objects.

The second part of the Scotland trip will be spent at the Kelvingrove Museum. Museum professionals are enthusiastic about discussing international repatriation and have invited open dialogues with indigenous communities. In 1998, the Kelvingrove Museum repatriated a Ghost Dance Shirt. Since then, many of the individuals who were involved in this initial repatriation have moved on to other jobs. However, the Kelvingrove Museum maintains an interest in continuing these efforts. This is a positive outlook, thus far. Please stay tuned…

      In 2000, the prime ministers of Great Britain and Australia signed an agreement to repatriate. Since then, Australia and New Zealand have repatriated thousands of human remains to indigenous communities through government-initiated repatriations. The success of these efforts may foreshadow the outcome of similar efforts by tribes in the United States. Now is the time to open communication lines among museums in the United Kingdom about repatriation and to partake in the development of repatriation policies.


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