Over the weekend, I visited the British Museum in London. Whereas in 2004, the British Museum was potentially interested in having me visit to study their collections, it seems that I was unsuccessful six years later when I had the chance to visit London. Throughout this past year, I sent two requests and never received a reply. 
          I am writing this because I think it is important to understand what institutions are willing to have tribes study their collections and where we might face more challenges. The museums that I have visited in Scotland have been very willing to talk and discuss cultural revitalization efforts and international repatriation. The British Museum, on the other hand, may take more work. I recorded what was on display and listened for a while to see if I could figure out what the public was learning from the displays. In the one room where Native North America was featured, somewhere between 25 nnd 50 people were there at all times. Many took photographs.
          What have been your experiences? This blog is meant to be interactive so that we have some good discussions. Please feel free to post.