Protecting Indigenous Cultural Property in the Biotech Age–Announcement

Protecting Indigenous Cultural Property in the Biotech Age
Online Course through Tribal Communities Program at UCLA
Instructor: Dr. Debra Harry
         This course will address ways in which Indigenous Peoples can protect their cultural property, Indigenous knowledge, or human and non-human genetic material. A particular focus will be on exercise of tribal sovereignty over research. The course provides an overview of the problems posed by biocolonialism.
         International Repatriation Note: This course is particularly relevant because it discusses the human genome project, which, along with other types of scientific studies, has been posed by international entities as a reason to preclude international repatriation or delay repatriations in order to perform these invasive studies before the human remains or human tissues are repatriated. Also, this course discusses consent–both individual and community consent of indigenous peoples within the context of intellectual property issues.
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