Reposted from the National Park Service Website:

JULY 1 Deadline For Comments in Anticipation of the Discretionary Review of the NAGPRA Regulations

Fifteen years have passed since the initial regulations implementing NAGPRA became effective. During that time, Indian tribes, Native Hawaiian organizations, museums, and Federal agencies have acquired considerable practical experience in NAGPRA compliance. The Department of the Interior wishes to take advantage of that accumulated experience in a first-ever discretionary review of the current NAGPRA regulations. The purpose of the review is in order to address two questions: (1) Based on 15 years of use, do the rules currently codified at 43 C.F.R. Part 10 need any amendments, such as (but not limited to) corrections, clarifications, or refinements?; and (2) If the answer is yes, then how should the rules be amended?

In anticipation of the review, the National NAGPRA Program and the Department of the Interior’s Office of the Solicitor conducted individual listening sessions with Federal agency-wide and department-wide NAGPRA coordinators, Indian tribal governments, and the entire public. During those sessions, several speakers addressed the questions presented. Their comments will be considered during the review. At this time, anyone who wishes to address the questions presented and to have their comments considered during the review may do so through July 1, by sending your comments to David Tarler, at


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