Arizona State Law Journal Article on Indigenous International Repatriation

Arizona State Law Journal recently released its Summer 2012 edition, which includes articles and speeches given at the “Repatriation at 20” conference in January of 2010 at Arizona State University School of Law. Contributors include Manley Begay, Roger Buffalohead, Walter Echo-Hawk, Erin Genia, Suzan Shown Harjo, G. Peter Jemison, Honor Keeler, James Riding In, Steve Titla, Naomi Thurston, Rebecca Tsosie, W. Richard West, Jr., Mervin Wright,  Alyson Vivattanapa, and Pemina Yellow Bird, to name a few. Authors reflect upon the past twenty years since the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation and also look toward ways in which NAGPRA can be improved, as well as the future of repatriation.

Attached is the article,Indigenous International Repatriation, which was submitted by the International Repatriation Blog’s author, Honor Keeler.