A Guide to International Repatriation: Starting An Initiative In Your Community

The AAIA International Repatriation Project is pleased to announce the online publication of A Guide to International Repatriation: Starting An Initiative In Your Community. This publication, which will be updated annually, was written to help our Native communities establish international repatriation programs and guide them through the international repatriation process.

Several members of the Working Group on International Repatriation have helped to review and contribute to this publication. We would especially like to thank Edward Halealoha Ayau (Native Hawaiian), Jaime Lavallee, J.D., L.L.M., S.J.D. candidate (Muskeg Lake Cree), Timothy McKeown, Ph.D., and Cressida Fforde, Ph.D. for peer reviewing this Guide and providing valuable input. We would also like to thank our past interns at the International Repatriation Project, Alyssa Newswanger and Rachael Dickson. This Guide is dedicated in memory of Steve Brady, Sr. (Northern Cheyenne) who was a founding member of our Working Group on International Repatriation, a respected elder and traditionalist, and someone who worked tirelessly in repatriation and sacred lands protection throughout his lifetime. The Guide was authored by Honor Keeler (Cherokee Nation), Director of the International Repatriation Project at the Association on American Indian Affairs, and an author of this blog.


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