The International Repatriation Blog

The International Repatriation Blog is dedicated to addressing International Repatriation on the Tribal, National, and International levels. It serves to connect Native Nations, Indigenous Peoples, and Repositories globally to further repatriation efforts.

We welcome open conversation about international repatriation and look forward to collaborative efforts among Indigenous communities and others to bring Indigenous ancestors and cultural items home.


Angelo Baca (Dine’/Hopi)

Dominic Henry (Dine’)

Honor Keeler (Cherokee)


2 thoughts on “The International Repatriation Blog”

  1. I am very much interested in International Repatriation efforts for the southeastern region of the forced removed tribes of Oklahoma. I used to live in Chattanooga, Tennessee for the last 13 years and have moved home at Bristow, Oklahoma recently. I studied the regional archaeology and chased down collections orginating from major sites there. I have some leads to some european countries such as the UK and Spain with possible collections.


  2. Both this blog and steady success in reclaiming control over communal and national heritage have been a long time coming. Both promise to make the world safer.


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Conveying the latest on Indigenous International Repatriation efforts from Indigenous perspectives.

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